What is a Compassionist?

Compassionists are professionals, experts and teachers from the community who present in existing classrooms, sharing their knowledge and life experience to inspire and offer students practical tools and techniques for intentional living.

Compassionist noun [kuh m-pash-uh nist]
One who practices unconditional acceptance of self and others.

Lindy Lewis

Lindy Lewis is the Founder of Underground Kindness, a program that teaches Grace in the mind and body to students – offering tools of mindfulness and momentfulness to public school teens. To help herself hold this walk of Grace she became certified in Pilates and Yoga. She began teaching kids that they were safe and it brought her so much joy to see them waking up to the concept of ‘less is more’.
Her passion for life, making a difference, and optimistic spirit has helped her look at the opportunities presented by her MS, single parenting for 15 years, a difficult divorce and raising a child with learning differences (mainstream America calls this ‘special needs’)!! She now walks with greater integrity, intention, and gratitude on a daily basis hoping to inspire others to recognize that the body is resilient and CAN help heal given a more gentle and accepting environment. As a recovering Alpha Female, she has learned to walk a little softer, give herself space to be, and learned that it is ‘OK to do nothing.’ She lives with a spirit of Grace and acceptance in her body while nurturing her spirit!

Contact: 208.255.8490

Julie Hutsler

Julie Hutslar, the author of Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit and The Mask, the Mirror and the Illusion, combines her intuitive skills as a creative thinker, energy healer and artist to specialize in releasing limitations. Previously a speaker and university professor, she leads several different types of workshops, retreats and programs. Some of the topics include opening creativity, watercolor painting, managing relationships and turning up your inner light. The focus of her work is helping others move beyond self-imposed boundaries, bringing understanding to difficult relationships and living up to one’s highest potential.

Her experience has evolved from a global perspective (Master’s degree in International Relations) to a regional one (corporate manager for a West-Coast firm) and ultimately to the very personal (energy healing with individual clients worldwide): relationships are her intuitive and trained specialty. She writes for many magazines, is a guest speaker at civic and educational organizations, shows her artwork nationally and is a facilitator and coach in Core Belief Restructuring. Visit her website at for calendar and more information.

Contact: 208.263.1448

Liz Adkinson Schwinck

I am an energy intuitive, artist, and teacher. I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and drawing from the University of Utah in 2009, and certified in a healing modality known as Core Belief Restructuring in 2011. I enjoy incorporating self-awareness, and emotional processing within the realm of art. Since moving to Sandpoint, Idaho in 2011, I have taught art classes as an independent contractor with the Arts Alliance, fostered art and energy management workshops for children and adults, and volunteered with the Kaleidoscope program and absolutely loved working with our youth in many creative and fun ways. It is my hope that my work as an artist, creates an atmosphere that is open, honest, vibrant, and varied in expression and that we can create a trusting and sacred space that allows our human experience to safely be expressed through the medium of art. It is my mission to help others recognize their creative potential, to promote freedom of unique expression, and to embrace ALL aspects of self.

Contact: 208-996-1327

Titina vanHoorn

Titina grew up traveling all over the world, speaking several languages and surrounded by many more, becoming adept at the art of translating bad English between non-native speakers. At age 12, Titina was sent to be educated in an English boarding school and from there went on to complete a degree in Jewelry Design in London. It was at this time that her life began to fall apart as she sank into the painful despair of anorexia and bulimia. She was fortunate enough to seek help at the early age of eighteen and it was from this point on that her spiritual/soul questing began.

She gained experience working for other jewelry designers in London until her questing led her to the United States in 1993. Since then she has continued to design and create unique pieces, as well as teach workshops in the craft. This was interspersed with teaching foreign languages privately and in schools. She completed her training as a Life Coach and, more recently, was attuned in the Third Degree of Usui Reiki. Her passion is to combine her skills as a creative designer/jeweler with those of Life Coach and energy healer, in order to create beautiful touchstone jewelry that serve as reminders for those who want to fully explore and express the treasures they have to offer to the world. She is the owner and founder of soul piece jewelry, a Life Coaching and Design Service with a vision to help individuals and groups fully embrace and heal previously wounded and lost parts of themselves in order to empower themselves to fulfill their dreams in authentic and creative ways.

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