What We Teach



Underground Kindness introduces young people to the practice and philosophies of yoga, meditation, and mindful living by involving them in programs that focus on both physical and emotional well being.

To this end, we endeavor to expand their abilities to empathize with others and to create a learning space that is free of judgment, expectations and competition.  Focusing rather on each participant’s unique journey.

The program fosters stress reduction and relaxation in young people who are striving to meet a number of school, home, and cultural expectations.  Our students learn to center themselves and to recognize the profound impact of their own actions as they ripple out into the world.

Yoga and Meditation

The practices of yoga and meditation often go hand-in-hand for many reasons.  Both promote strength and flexibility, both of the mind and of the body.  Yoga is taught by certified instructors and is conducted in a judgment-free atmosphere where each individual is supported and encouraged.  Guided meditations are led outside of school hours, as well.  Students are able to use these opportunities to center themselves, reduce anxiety, and discover the power of visualization for defining and reaching their goals.  It is our belief that the practice of yoga is not found within the class itself, but truly begins as students take that grace and compassion into the world with them.


With the cooperation and support of the school, workshops are integrated into regular classroom experiences to help students develop a number of tools for introspection and actualization.  Examples include: creating vision boards, partner yoga, soul collage, meditation, and visualization.

Instructors and Speakers

Instructors and speakers are chosen from the community based on their ability to share meaningful insights with program participants.  As they offer their knowledge, they open new avenues and ways of thinking to the young people they reach.  The goal is not just to inform, but to engage students to the point of actualization.

Test Anxiety

Anxiety endangers a student’s ability to succeed in many ways.  Underground Kindness provides students with a toolbox of techniques and lifestyle choices that can significantly reduce both chronic and acute stress.  For example, meditating before a test can help a student better recall information, as well as to lower blood pressure and sweep distracting thoughts from his or her mind.  Better concentration and recall equals a better outcome, and that, in turn, leads to better self confidence.


An important aspect of Underground Kindness has to do with learning empathy.  Participants discover not only their own inner feelings, but how their actions ripple out to affect others in the world—both positively and negatively.  This connection with others fosters an environment that is not compatible with bullying.  Additionally, those who witness these acts have the inner strength to stand up and do what is right in the situation.

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