Lindy Lewis

Founder – Recovering Alpha Female

Amped, and ramped, always on the go with a seemingly perfect-on-paper life I was your typical Alpha Female. Then came a disease, a divorce, and a diagnosis. I took these humbling blocks as a sign that it was time for change.

I have now lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 13 years; treating it with typical western medication for the first several years. Over time my disease progressed and my mobility was in jeopardy so I took a 3 month leave of absence from corporate America where I dedicated my time to development marketing, as well as PR. At this point I was a victim to my health rather than a contributor to my healing. I saw the flaw in this and began practicing with the power of my own body and its healing capabilities.

I then had a series of ah-ha moments that unveiled the strength of my feminine energy and its natural nurturing, loving, forgiving, nature that I could utilize to bring myself out of dis-ease and back into wellness. This required my to get out of my own way, quiet the frenetic energetic and trust my gut. It was time that I honor my humbling blocks as a part of the journey and begin to hold space for my mind and body to work together on the walk towards grace. By choosing to start living in the present, examining the beliefs I have taken on from childhood and expand my spiritual awareness – I have found joy in being YOU-nique.

Spending time in nature, getting to know my knowing, and listening to my body’s whispers are priorities on my checklist these days. Sure, stepping out of corporate America was a knock on my ego and a blow to my finances and social life but I replaced all of those things with Grace, Health, and Authentic Connection. In this process I became an energy manager – making food choices, redefining priorities, missing out on ‘all the great friend outings.’lindy lewis yoga

To help me hold this new walk of Grace I became certified in Yoga – thinking this would support me financially AND be a placeholder for this Walk of Grace. I began teaching kids because they fully embrace the experience and it brought me so much joy to see them waking up to the concept of ‘less is more’. Despite teaching this principle, I managed to ‘Alpha’ up the yoga by teaching too many classes and I herniated a disc in my lower back. This second physical sign finally penetrated my iron will (as I lay flat for 3 months). I had to take a step back and make MORE changes.

This was a dark time for me as I was in the midst of dis-ease and compromised mobility. It was in this darkness that I realized that it’s not just about the physical body but also the mind and how I can use it to relax and heal. As I began on this journey of practicing progress rather than perfection and allowing myself to go at my own pace and in my own style I started experiencing JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) although at times I felt weird and lonely and discombobulated until I started to find people as normal as me.

The process of healing began for me when I shifted out of Alpha drive and into alignment giving my body nurturing support. From this place of self-acceptance and awakening I moved right into hatching Underground Kindness because I saw what the Grace did for my body and I was excited to share this with others. Underground Kindness is a non-profit organization, introducing our Youngers to the practice and philosophies of self awareness, self expression and intentional living. UK focuses on empowering students, supporting teachers, and connecting community within public schools. Just as I put my energy into empowering and inspiring students, I am regularly inspired by their creative expression and their willingness to accept unconditionally. As a Compassionist and a Recovering Alpha Female, I have learned to walk a little softer, and hold space for myself as I transform my quirks into colors. I live with a spirit of Grace and acceptance in mind and body as I strive to become my healthiest self.

** Italicized words are from the Recovering Alpha Female book series: Recovering Alpha Female


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